Owen Sound, Ontario
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I called AM Roofing for an estimate on my roof and they sent out a very nice salesman around my own age. I decided to go with this company.

BIG MISTAKE!!! Once the work started I had to deal with "little boys". The "operations manager" was so young I had to ask how many roof tops he had replaced. He just snarled at me and said "enough".

His girlfriend showed up on the job and he started to fight with her on my front lawn. I tried to intervene and was told to "mind my own business".

I am disgusted with this company!!!! The roofing job sucked as well!!!!

Review about: Am Roofing Roofing.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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Am roofing is a joke. Their management avoids issues and refuses to pay. Don't get your roof done by them anywhere.

Campbellcroft, Ontario, Canada #840546

I have had 2 roofs done by this company. The work has been excellent, fast and great clean up after.

Price was fair for the work done. Workmen were polite and considerate of my family.

I would hire them again.

Kim Holley

Guelph, Ontario, Canada #714318

Have to love the people that marked this as ***......I guess you can't fix ***!!!

San Jose, California, United States #663936

Do not know this company. However can relate.

I was taken advantage of by another roofer. This brings disgrace to the entire roofing industry

to another homeowner #855201

Sometimes the quiet guy that's been around for 30 years might be a better choice then the guy spending tens of thousands splashing every corner with ads. A good reputation breeds work, desperate people advertise desperately.

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